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The Ultimate Coins Through Glass - CTG Ultra
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The Ultimate Coins Through Glass - CTG Ultra

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The Ultimate Coins Through Glass - CTG Ultra

The Most Visual Coin Penetration…EVER!
It is rare to find magic that is so strong and visual that words cannot adequately describe  how much CTG Ultra looks like real magic! CTG Ultra is one such routine. It looks as if the  coins simply melt through the glass. To be accurate we use Plexiglas for ease of use,  transportation and safety but to the audience it's glass. CTG Ultra comes complete with the props Alex used on Penn & Teller. We supply the Plexiglas adorned with metal corners,  the coins and as usual our Pro Line level of video instruction.

An Insane Diabolical Method, Choreography, Gimmick & Routine
CTG Ultra certainly is beyond cutting edge. I've witnessed Alex completely fool many of the Inner Circle guys at the last Magic Live.  NFW was the most common reaction. The routine is  incredibly powerful because Alex has been working on CTG Ultra for years. In fact the routine has been improved since the Penn & Teller appearance.

CTG Ultra is extremely practical. On the training video Alex tips exactly how he uses it professionally for strolling and formal shows.

Frankly this is one coin routine that is almost impossible to follow. It's extremely powerful, memorable and easy for an audience to describe. I believe  that CTG Ultra is destined to set a new benchmark and become an instant classic.

CTG Ultra requires intermediate coin skill. It is not self working but the gaffs combined with Alex's brilliant choreography and routine create a magical experience that is truly a  reputation maker!

What You Get
Comes complete with the set of walking liberty coins and the special sheet of Plexiglas with metal corners.

You also get the detailed instruction video. What is more, an Oxford cloth bag is included to protect the Plexiglas.


Dimensional weight (shippment): 1.5kg

Actual weight of the product: 0.6kg



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