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Electronic Bionic Dove 2.0 by J.C Magic

Electronic Bionic Dove 2.0 by J.C Magic Item NO.: EF1898296

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Product Name Electronic Bionic Dove 2.0 by J.C Magic
Item NO. EF1898296
Weight 1.05 kg = 2.3149 lb = 37.0377 oz
Category Stage Magic > Dove
Brand Wholesale
Creation Time 2023-11-27

Demo of V1 for reference:

Electronic Bionic Dove 2.0 by J.C Magic

Electronic Bionic Dove 2.0 is more realistic than the previous version. The head shape of version 2.0 is more flexible and the eyes are larger. The dove's slightly raised chest is also revealed, especially the dove's beak, which is a perfect replica of a real dove's beak. It is completely covered with feathers from head to tail, and the tail also imitates the raised tail of a dove in flight. All in all, Electronic Bionic Dove 2.0 looks even more real when you perform.

As one of the most classic magic tricks, dove magic has always been loved by magicians and audiences. Whenever a dove is conjured, it must be the moment when the audiences smile in surprise and burst into thunderous applause.

With the development of the times, magicians often need to travel long distances to perform in distant places. At this time, the disadvantages of dove magic began to appear, such as not being allowed to take it on the train or plane, or having to be checked separately. You also need to worry about whether the dove will get sick or even die on the road because of the temperature, food, water, extrusion, etc., as well as the inconvenience of carrying the bird cage along the way. Usually, you also need to pay attention to the doves' diet, how to treat them when they get sick, and regularly clean the cages and other troubles.

To solve the above problems, this bionic dove is much more convenient. First of all, the battery of the bionic dove uses AA batteries, which can be replaced by yourself, perfectly avoiding the life problem of most lithium battery products. The waving speed of the dove's wings is thoughtfully designed, and the appearance is covered with real feathers, making it look real on stage.

The prop comes complete with a bionic dove, a dove bag, a black bag and instructional video, and you can start performing after you get it.

If you are a big fan of dove magic, or because you are concerned about the troubles of raising doves, or because doves are inconvenient to carry and other reasons that discourage you from dove magic, then this bionic dove is your gospel. It's time to start your dove magic!

Volumetric weight (shipment): 1.05kg
Actual weight of the product: 0.18kg

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