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Holster Purse by Alex Ng & Quiver

Holster Purse by Alex Ng & Quiver Item NO.: 1860414

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Product Name Holster Purse by Alex Ng & Quiver
Item NO. 1860414
Weight 0.04 kg = 0.0882 lb = 1.4110 oz
Category Close-Up Magic > Others
Tag Kelvin Chow
Brand Wholesale
Creation Time 2023-08-11

Holster Purse by Alex Ng & Quiver

Holster Purse continues the strengths of the Quiver (VDR), portable; the gimmick is concealed; the magic happens in the hands of the audience; and it can also be inspected.

Alex Ng and Kelvin Chow have teamed up and combined the classic Slit Envelope principle to make the Holster Purse a close-up weapon with both internal and external switches.

You can transfer a playing card, note, ring, key, and other small objects into this leather purse silently, as if they were always there.

Not only that, but the purse can be kept in the hands of the audience, even allowing them to open and remove the object! Based on the design of the Slit Envelope, small objects can be immediately secured by the purse after being inserted, leaving your hands free.

Many of you reading this have already thought that Holster Purse can easily realize the routine of Card into Purse, as well as a series of effects of the empty purse producing objects. Don't worry, the surprise is yet to come!

Alex Ng shares three killer routines that he has put his heart and soul into!

Coin Production
A coin trick that can be performed at any time, it can also be combined with Coin Matrix, Coin Transfer or other routines.

Think of a Card
An effect that Alex Ng has been working on for years, and a new routine for his 2023 lecture tour.

Mental Prediction
An improved version of The Purse, the grand finale of the tour. Does mankind have free will? Or is everything a matter of fate? Through a series of experiments, the magician successfully predicts every choice made by the audience!

- Completely handled by the audience
- Fits in your pocket
- Perform anywhere
- More routines depend on you

Comes with a Holster Purse and instructional video.

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