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Candlelight Coins Set by Oliver Magic
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Candlelight Coins Set by Oliver Magic

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Candlelight Coins Set by Oliver Magic

Effet 1:
The magician shows a purse that contains 4 flash paper rolls. He lits one of the paper rolls with a candle, and a silver mogan dollar appears! Next he puts the coin over the candle, the coin disappears in his hand, and reappears again under the candlestick. He lits two paper rolls again and another two morgan dollars appears. Show these 3 coins, and they vanish over the candle one by one. Finally they are found in the purse!

Effect 2:
The magician shows a cup and 3 morgan coins. He puts the cup under his table and throws 3 coins to the table. However there are just 2 coins on the table! Where is the other coin? It is found in the cup that passes through the table. And the other two coins pass to the cup again like the first one.

Efffect 3:
3 morgan coins vanish one by one in your sight...and they reappear under the pad.

- Absolutely beautiful replicas of Morgan Dollar
- Optimal fit and perfect in quality

Comes with a flipper coin, an expanded shell, 3 morgan dollars and video instruction. Not include the candle and purse in demo.



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