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Z-Fold Booklet

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Product Name Z-Fold Booklet
Item NO. 1624059
Weight 0.55 kg = 1.2125 lb = 19.4007 oz
Category Stage Magic > Mentalism
Tag prediction , z fold
Brand Wholesale
Creation Time 2022-06-13

Z-Fold Booklet

The Z-Fold booklet is a very mysterious mind magic trick. It's simple but very practical that has multiple functions such as peek, replacement, force, and mind reading. You can perform many routines with it. Maybe it will be an integral part of your future performances!

High-quality materials, double-layer structure, secret and practical.

7 effects are included in the tutorial:

1. Any Card Mind Reading
The audience freely selects a card from the deck and puts it into the booklet. After telepathy, the magician exactly names the card chosen by the audience.

2. Smash the Phone
The magician shows four paper bags with numbers 1 to 4 written on them. A borrowed phone is put into one of the paper bags, and no one but the magician knows which paper bag the phone is in. A spectator is invited to select three envelopes from the booklet in turn (four envelopes in total), and hit the corresponding paper bag with a hammer according to the number in the envelope. It is the thrilling part, where the audience has absolutely no idea which number is safe. He hammers the bags one by one leaving only one bag. The phone is intact in this remaining bag!

3. The Butterfly Effect
The effect of multiple endings. The magician displays three items, such as a pen, ring and coin, and asks a spectator to choose one item. Then open the booklet and take out the previous prediction, which is the choice made by the spectator.

4. Fatal Choice
There are four paper bags numbered 1 to 4 on the table, one of which contains nails (or dangerous goods such as broken glass). Three audience are randomly invited to select an envelope from the four envelopes of red, yellow, blue and green, and the remaining envelope is for the magician. After everyone sees the number in their envelopes, they strike the corresponding paper bags at the same time, only the magician stops, because there are many nails in his paper bag!

5. Q&A
Hand out blank notes to the audience and ask them to write down the answer to a question, such as what is their favorite food, and collect these notes in a booklet. A spectator freely chooses a note from the booklet, and the magician reads his mind and guesses the content on the note.

6. Memory Replacement
A spectator is invited to write down a kind of food he want to eat - such as pasta (or place to go, thing to do, etc.), which can be shown to the audience offstage. Then the magician writes down another kind of food - such as Chapati and shows it to the audience, saying that he wants to erase the memory of the spectator and change his memory to Chapati. After a series of hypnosis, the spectator opens his eyes and says that Chapati is the food he wanted to eat!

7. Chair Test
The magician shows an envelope with a prediction in it and gives it to a notary. There are four chairs of different colors on the stage. Four audience (audience 1, audience 2, audience 3 and audience 4) are randomly invited to choose an envelope each. The color card in each envelope corresponds to the color of the chair on the stage. The audience sits in their corresponding colored chairs. Only one of the chairs collapses when the audience sits. The notary opens the envelope with the previous prediction, and it is written that this audience's chair will collapse. And other three audience tip over their chairs to find their numbers predicted on the chairs. Everyone's choice is entirely under the control of the magician!

It is the most impressive and elusive performance, and will be your secret weapon of mental magic!

Size of the booklet: 24cm*32cm

Comes with a special booklet and instructional video. Please supply your cards, envelopes and chairs.

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