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Relativity-Einstein Vindicated

Relativity-Einstein Vindicated Item NO.: 736878

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  • A spectator's watch vanishes in the original bag and finally found inside a sealed can.
Product Name Relativity-Einstein Vindicated
Item NO. 736878
Weight 15.2 kg = 33.5103 lb = 536.1642 oz
Category Stage Magic > Comedy
Tag watch , sealed can , vanishing , vanish
Brand Wholesale
Creation Time 2018-12-24

Relativity-Einstein Vindicated

Imagine this: At the onset of the performance, a stage hand goes into the audience and entrusts a wrapped package, a gift if you will, to one of the audience members. She is told that during the evening's performance she will be called on stage to deliver the present to the performer (not stooge of any kind).

Sometime during the show, the performer invites a spectator to join him on stage. The spectator's wrist watch is borrowed and placed inside a small red bag which is locked using a spring lock attached to a lanyard. The performer states that he is going to prove Einstein's theory of time travel. He begins twirling the bag which contains the spectator's watch in a circle. The lanyard allows the bag to swing in a five foot circle. OOPS! The bag accidentally strikes a chair on stage and the watch is heard to crash metal against metal.

The performer is somewhat dismayed that the experiment may have failed, but upon looking into the bag it is noted that the watch has VANISHED!

The performer states that the intended 'receiving station' is that wrapped present in the audience.

The spectator brings the package on stage. It is unwrapped revealing a locked chest. The spectator unlocks the chest and inside he finds a can of corn and a can opener. He is instructed to remove both and to open the can which he does.

Lo and behold, inside the sealed can, amongst the dry kernels of corn is his WATCH! Unharmed and working perfectly. None the worse from it's invisible flight through time and space.

Only the finest material is used to bring you this professional act. Used by leading Las Vegas performer Rick Thomas as well as other professionals throughout the world. A show stopper!

You receive everything needed, even the wrapping paper. Comes complete with a CW table, beautiful wooden chest, bag, lanyard, special can opener and everything necessary to perform this incredible miracle, including a custom case.


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