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* Chinese Sticks (Wood Grain)

* Chinese Sticks (Wood Grain) Item NO.: 1696928

US$ 63.00
Color of pom-pom
Red Rose Red

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Product Name * Chinese Sticks (Wood Grain)
Item NO. 1696928
Weight 1.2 kg = 2.6455 lb = 42.3288 oz
Category Stage Magic > Comedy
Tag stick , Pom Pom Pole
Brand Retail
Creation Time 2022-09-19

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Chinese Sticks (Wood Grain)

This is how it goes: hold the two sticks in one of your hands. When you pull the pom-pom attached on the short string on one stick, the long string on the other stick becomes shorter! What?? So you do it again- pull the short string on one stick, the long string on the other stick goes up. You repeat this until your audience eagerly shouts out that "the sticks are connected" at the end held in your hand. BUT NO!! Amazingly, when the sticks are completely separated, there is no connecting cord- yet even though the sticks are clearly separated, pulling on the short string of one STILL makes the long string on the other become shorter!

Your audience will scream with delight! SO SIMPLE TO DO- if you can pull the pom-pom, you can do the trick!

These unique sticks are 16-inches long and the strings are 17 inches long. You'll have no trouble with visibility using these onstage.

A classic of magic. You'll like the long sticks and pom-poms.

Here's what you'll get:
Chinese Sticks (set of two)
Instructional video

Volumetric weight (shipment): 1.2kg
Actual weight of the product: 0.46kg

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