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Ultimate CSB (38mm) by Oliver Magic

Ultimate CSB (38mm) by Oliver Magic Item NO.: 1161578

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Product Name Ultimate CSB (38mm) by Oliver Magic
Item NO. 1161578
Weight 0.14 kg = 0.3086 lb = 4.9384 oz
Category Close-Up Magic > Coin & Money
Brand Wholesale
Creation Time 2020-04-20

Ultimate CSB (38mm) by Oliver Magic

Based on the original effect of Copper Silver Brass (CSB), this Ultimate CSB adds more routines.

Effect 1:
Three silver coins appear in your hand one by one and two of them change to a Chinese coin and a copper coin. Then the three different coins instantly transform to three silver coins in your magic hands!

Effect 2:
A copper coin, a silver coin and a Chinese coin are shown and placed in one hand. The copper coin is retrieved and placed in your pocket. You open the hand show all three coins are in the hand! This is repeated with the Chinese coin. Finally, you remove the silver coin, show both sides and place it in your pocket.

Now for the kicker ending. You ask what remains in your hand, most spectators will say all three coins. You slowly open your hand to show that in fact your hand is empty.

(Deluxe Set additional effect) The initial three coins were taken out from a coin purse. Then the same routine as the above. Finally the vanishing coins reappear in the coin purse and can be handed over for examination.

Available in 2 versions, Standard Set and Deluxe Set.

Standard Set: 6 gimmicked coins + video instrucion (CSB & Ultimate CSB)
Deluxe Set: 6 gimmicked coins + 1 Chinese Palace Coin (morgan size 38mm) + 1 Queen Victoria Ancient Coin + 1 Quiver (VDR) + video instrucion (CSB & Ultimate CSB)

If you want to buy the single accessory, get here

1 Quiver (VDR) by Kelvin Chow

1 Chinese Palace Coin (Morgan Size, Brass)

1 Queen Victoria Ancient Coin

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