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Triple Cube Trick

Triple Cube Trick Item NO.: 1032928

US$ 4.50

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Product Name Triple Cube Trick
Item NO. 1032928
Weight 0.15 kg = 0.3307 lb = 5.2911 oz
Category Beginner Magic
Brand Wholesale
Creation Time 2019-09-03

A lot of effects created with only one prop! Such as cube retoration, cube disappearance, cube transfer, cube production, and so on.

With this cube, you can produce liquid, silk, cane,  snowstorms, ball, etc.

It can also be used in many other tricks with your imagination.

The magician shows a cube with disordering colors and put it in a black box. When he removes the black box, the colors on the tube suddenly turn to be in order. It happens in only one second!

The cube is covered by the black box again and this time it changes to a flower.

Don't blink your eyes. All the changes just happened under your eyes.

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