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* Trapped 2.0 by The Knuckle Flash

* Trapped 2.0 by The Knuckle Flash Item NO.: Y639

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Product Name * Trapped 2.0 by The Knuckle Flash
Item NO. Y639
Weight 0.025 kg = 0.0551 lb = 0.8818 oz
Category Close-Up Magic > Card Tricks
Brand Retail
Creation Time 2020-04-22

This is the invention of The Knuckle Flash, an excellent craftsman in Singapore.

'TRAPPED' is different from the sandwich effect you have seen, it is easy to do, but the secret is so powerful that it tricks many magic masters around the world.


The magician shows the audience two ghost cards and lets the audience randomly choose a playing card. The magician puts two ghost cards on top of the deck. The playing card chosen by the audience immediately appears in the middle of the two ghost cards.

Next, the playing cards chosen by the audience disappears from the middle again.

The audience cuts the cards and places the two ghost cards in the deck. Without any movement, when the entire deck is unfolded, the playing card selected by the spectator again runs to the middle of the two ghost cards.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg!

With this prop, you will learn more than 5 different routines:

- Basic routine of bringing your own card (single choice)
- Basic routine of borrowing playing cards (single choice, in hand)
- Advanced common routine (3 choices)
- Custom routine
- TRAPPED 1.0 routine

Key points:

- Easy to use
- Almost all can be checked
- Any kind of poker can be used
- You can perform in 360 degrees with or without a table
- The routine is very logical that has a strong beginning and a strong end

Comes with the prop and video instruction.

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