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TiLT - New PK Effect

TiLT - New PK Effect Item NO.: Y147

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Product Name TiLT - New PK Effect
Item NO. Y147
Weight 0.12 kg = 0.2646 lb = 4.2329 oz
Category Close-Up Magic > Others
Tag A new PK effect from Matt Sconce
Brand Wholesale
Creation Time 2019-09-02

Imagine having the ability to take a pen, set it on the other side of an obstacle (like a glass door) and make it fall, then hand it out to the spectator to keep. TiLT lets you do that. It is another powerful tool in the arsenal of PK enthusiasts.

Note: The time between setting the pen down and when it falls can be adjusted based on preference.

"Like in all his previous releases, once again we can see Matt's brilliant ideas/ thinking gone into creating TiLT."

"The TiLT advertisement is 100% honest - WYSIWYG."

"The gimmick has been put to use in an inconspicuous way so that it is almost undetectable and is transparent. Matt has come up with varied ideas and method of using the gimmick not only for making small & light weight objects to fall but, has used the little gimmick for toppling big and heavy objects as well."

"I must say that the gimmick is so versatile that it can be put to many other uses in magic & séance settings. Your imagination will be the only limiting factor."

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