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Product Name * The One by Strixmagic
Item NO. Y479
Weight 0.13 kg = 0.2866 lb = 4.5856 oz
Category Close-Up Magic > Card Tricks
Brand Retail
Creation Time 2020-01-07

The One by Strixmagic

Do you enjoy mentalism that leaves a spectator with no clue other than your possible mental powers? Then this is The One for you! Any card named is the only card in the deck!

One deck... 52 cards... no force!


The magician removes a deck of cards from the case and rests the deck on the table.

He asks a spectator which card he likes; Red or black, diamonds, hearts, clubs, or spades?

The spectator can name any card (no forcing).

He can also change his mind.

The magician takes the deck from the table (the deck has always been out of the box and always in sight). He shows that the deck is comprised of totally blank cards except for one card, the spectator's freely indicated card! The others do not exist, as they were eliminated by the spectator.

BONUS: The Ultimate Diary Card Trick - see video for a demonstration of this marvelous birthday effect!
NO FORCING, absolutely NONE! Choose one of 52 cards!
The spectator FREELY chooses which card will appear. NO Magician's Choice!!!!
The spectator can change his mind until the very last moment
Any card can be the only card in the deck! Others are completely blank!
Very very EASY to do
It can be executed both standing (no support needed) or at a table
Includes online video instructions
Available in either a Red or Blue back 

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