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The Extreme Hanky

The Extreme Hanky Item NO.: E1400113

US$ 550.00

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Product Name The Extreme Hanky
Item NO. E1400113
Weight 2.73 kg = 6.0186 lb = 96.2979 oz
Category Stage Magic > Silk
Brand Wholesale
Creation Time 2021-04-12


The Extreme Hanky

At anytime during your show, you take a bottle and put a hanky inside. You then make the hanky dance at your control, put a cork on the top and then walk out into the audience! Unbelievable?? Yes! Now take the bottle, hand it to a spectator, or 2 or 3 spectators! Walk around in the audience as the hanky wiggles in the bottle! Command the hanky to stop, wiggle, jump, dance and it obeys! Bring a participant up on stage and as the participant holds the bottle, tell the hanky to fly through a hoop and into your case or other stage prop! All this is possible with the Extreme Hanky!

- Standby up to 1 month
- Control up to 15 meters
- No assistant
- Can be used on stage or indoors

Comes with the product and video instruction.

Not include the bottle and hoop. If you want to buy the bottle, get it in your local store or online, like this 5 Gallon Carboy FBA_2611731.

30 Days Ago


Cool prop, you have to watch the power setting or else the thread will snap. Easy enough to fix just time consuming! Three! it just jumps up n down!

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