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Product Name * The Bell (Gold)
Item NO. 1398324
Weight 0.12 kg = 0.2646 lb = 4.2329 oz
Category Close-Up Magic > Mentalism
Tag chop bell
Brand Retail
Creation Time 2021-04-08

The Bell (Gold)

There are some who will believe in Magic because they see it happen with their own eyes.

Others would think that magic is fake because there is more than what meets the eye, but it is something one could achieve through sleight of hand or other secret methods. In other words, what you see with your eyes may not be true.

Since your eyes may deceive you. What about your ears?

Fact is, for most magic effects, the effect is focused on the visual element, and the audience experiences the magic through their visual senses.

What if you could add another element, the element of sound?

Countless scientific experiments have shown that the sound of a bell chime is one of the most penetrating of sounds. Combined with rhythmic movements, it can directly pierce through to the depths of people's hearts through their sense of hearing.

A bell is actually a very suitable prop or accessory to any Magic performance. Many magicians have added a bell to their performances to further enhance their acts.

Among all the bell-like props, the ‘Chop Bell’ is even more unique. However, for many, the perception of a Chop Bell is only that of a ‘ring, no-ringing’ bell.

Apart from being able to perform a regular chop cup routine, it can be used as a flourish and unexpected misdirection when vanishing small objects.

In addition, its greatest value is when integrated into your existing routines such as the Three Balls, Hopping Half, and Wild Card to enhance the original effect and meaning of the routine.

We will let the video do the talking.

A multi-sensory experience will result in a multi-dimensional impact. Not only does the sound pierces the audience’s hearts, but also the magical impact that was originally intended.

We noted that this does not have the wide exposure and popularity of the Cups and Balls or coin magic, as the choices available are extremely limited. Therefore, we have set-up this project, with the hopes that more magicians and audiences can experience the charm of the Chop Bell.

At the start of the project, the first question we asked was, naturally, what kind of bell should be made?

It should emit a clear and crisp sound: This is the most basic and essential attribute of the bell.

It should be the right weight: Just enough heft for a nice feel and to ensure smoothness of operations, but not bulky to carry.

It should be the perfect size: Not too big to steal the show, and not too small and feel over-reserved or restrained.

Finally, it should look ordinary and unassuming.

With these in mind, we created The Bell.

* Made from high-quality brass, which ensures a clear and crisp chime;

* After patina develops, it will exude a more rustic feel;

* The handle of the bell can be detached, and can be used as a form of misdirection;

* Comes with high-quality flannel bag, to conveniently carry and store your prop;

* In-depth video tutorial, multiple routines, applications, and explanation of the Chop Bell.

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