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Telekinesis Sharpie Cap

Telekinesis Sharpie Cap Item NO.: 1372671

US$ 65.00

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Product Name Telekinesis Sharpie Cap
Item NO. 1372671
Weight 0.09 kg = 0.1984 lb = 3.1747 oz
Category Close-Up Magic > Mentalism
Brand Wholesale
Creation Time 2021-03-03

Telekinesis Sharpie Cap

Balance a borrowed coin on a sharpie cap and then seal it off with an inverted glass. Then it's time to witness a miracle. Without touching it at all, you use your mind to make the coin fall off the cap. 

No unjustified moves or handlings. 

You can even stand far away from the coin, but control the falling at will.

For the audience, there is only one explanation for the miracle, and that is that you really have superpowers!

There are many options in the way of performance, such as using a shadow, smartphone cameras or video chat to control the coin. It's only limited by your imagination.

- No magnet or thread
- Easy to perform
- Borrowed coin, key or other small objects
- Remote control
- No clothing requirements
- Various ways of performance

Comes with a gimmick sharpie cap, a remote control, a usb cable and video instruction. Please offer the glass by yourself.

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