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* Suspended Animation Illusion

* Suspended Animation Illusion Item NO.: 818884

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Product Name * Suspended Animation Illusion
Item NO. 818884
Weight 199 kg = 438.7199 lb = 7019.5184 oz
Category Stage Magic > Illusion
Brand Retail
Creation Time 2019-01-29


Magician's assistant walks up a set of stairs and is encased in a clear casket on a slender stand high above the floor.

Her hand remains visible at all times through a hole in the front of the glass box.

Then the glass casket gets covered with a cloth with a hole in the front so you can still see the girl's hand.

The magician walks up to the hand that's sticking out of the covered box and gives her an end of the special exchange cloth to hold onto.

Then magician opened the cloth out in a beautiful original way lifting up the exchange cloth with one arm and when it came down he instantly changed places with his assistant and his hand was seen sticking out of the covered box high above the stage.

The other assistants ripped off the cloth covering the box to find magician inside to a HUGH audience reaction.

The stairs get put under the prop, door opens, and magician runs down to take a bow.
(The audience went nuts. They loved it.)

Then when you think it's all over, magician's assisants covered up the box again and magician walks over and rips off the box cloth, for an unexpected finale of a second girl appearing in the casket!

Package measurement: 1400x1180x600mm   

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