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Snow Animator (Wrist Version)

Snow Animator (Wrist Version) Item NO.: EF1938461

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Product Name Snow Animator (Wrist Version)
Item NO. EF1938461
Weight 0.33 kg = 0.7275 lb = 11.6404 oz
Category Stage Magic > Fire/Special Effects
Tag snowstorm , snow storm
Brand Wholesale
Creation Time 2024-04-29

Snow Animator (Wrist Version)

Snow magic has always been popular among magicians, and there are many types of snow animators on the market. However, large snow animators are not convenient to carry. Chair-type ones require you to sit down during the performance. Small ones don't have strong wind power. Most of them require you to put your hands on the machine during the performance. Therefore, we want to design a snow animator that is easy to carry, can be hidden on the body, and has strong wind power.

It took three years and hundreds of experiments to finally create this snow animator. 


1. It can be worn on your wrist and hidden under a shirt or suit, allowing you to move anywhere during the performance without the audience suspecting that a fan is blowing.

2. Uses a super powerful 130,000 RPM motor to provide it with strong wind power, and its wind power can be comparable to that of a hair dryer.

3. The snowflake paper can be blown up from your palm to a height of more than four meters, and the wind power can also be adjusted according to different occasions.

4. The air inlet of the fan is improved so that your clothes will not get sucked in when the fan starts.

5. Uses rechargeable lithium batteries, which can be replaced or recharged at any time.

Comes with a snow animator, a battery charger, a roll of bandages and video instructions.

Please provide two high-quality flat top rechargeable batteries (18650, ≥4800mAh, 3.7V) like the picture below by yourself (Don't buy batteries that are too cheap, otherwise they will get hot easily).

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