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Silk Thru Mirror

Silk Thru Mirror Item NO.: 134418

US$ 31.70

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Product Name Silk Thru Mirror
Item NO. 134418
Weight 1.5 kg = 3.3069 lb = 52.9109 oz
Category Stage Magic > Penetration
Tag through
Brand Wholesale
Creation Time 2018-09-10


Have a silk or small sponge ball PENETRATE a SOLID mirror!

You clearly BOTH sides of the mirror. You then show a silk to the audience and use it to clean the mirror. As you wipe the mirror the silk starts to penetrate the center of the glass. Halfway through, the mirror can be turned around and shown on both sides with the silk sticking out the opposite side!

Now face the mirror towards the audience once again and the silk is pulled through.

The penetration takes place right before the eyes of the audience. Both before and after the effect the audience sees a solid mirror, you can tap it with a wand. There are NO visible holes in the mirror!

Size: 34.5cm*31cm

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