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Self Explosion Bottle (6 Pieces)

Self Explosion Bottle (6 Pieces) Item NO.: 1052561

US$ 33.00
Transparent Coca Cola Bottle (6 Pieces) Green Soda Bottle (6 Pieces) Large Transparent Beer Bottle (6 Pieces) Large Green Beer Bottle (6 Pieces)

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Product Name Self Explosion Bottle (6 Pieces)
Item NO. 1052561
Weight 1.9 kg = 4.1888 lb = 67.0205 oz
Category Stage Magic > Mentalism
Tag exploding bottle , explode
Brand Wholesale
Creation Time 2019-10-09

Self Explosion Bottle (6 Pieces)

This is a great magic trick which will blow up your spectator mind and has been performed by many magician, including but not limited to Penn & Teller, Keith Barry, and James T Clark.

No skill is required to perform this trick! No magnet, no string, no pull, no mechanics of any kind!

The spectator is encouraged to inspect a  bottle to make sure that it is solid. She knocks the bottle against the table to show it is virtually indestructible.

The magician takes the bottle and put a little nail into the bottle.He shakes the bottle and suddenly it explores while he is concentrated on it.

The shocked looks on your spectator's face and your audience's reactions will be unbelievable!

If you are looking for an absolutely solid reputation-maker and one that will leave them talking about you for a long time, Self Explosion Bottle is the effect for you!

This trick was using a special gimmick bottle. It has great external strength and the exterior is generally strong enough that one can pound a nail into a wood, using the bottle as a hammer.

Supplied complete with 6 special bottles and and explanation video (Plexiglas isolation chamber is not included).

Available in 4 options, Transparent Coca Cola Bottle (6 Pieces)/Green Soda Bottle (6 Pieces)/Large Green Beer Bottle (6 Pieces)/Large Transparent Beer Bottle (6 Pieces).

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