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Sara by Alex Mann

Sara by Alex Mann Item NO.: EF-G505

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Product Name Sara by Alex Mann
Item NO. EF-G505
Weight 0.13 kg = 0.2866 lb = 4.5856 oz
Category Close-Up Magic > Mentalism
Brand Wholesale
Creation Time 2019-09-17

Sara by Alex Mann

An out-of-the world experience with an apparition!

First, the magician asks the spectator if he or she has watched the movie "Candyman". Magician goes on to explain that in the movie, if you say "Candyman" 5 times in front of the mirror, Candyman will appear and take your life. Magician then jokes that whatever we are doing is safe and something similar will happen if "Sara" is called.

Next, the magician borrows a pen from the spectator. He balances the pen on top of the box and invite the spectator call "Sara" 3 times. Magician also warns that if full attention and respect is not given to Sara, she might not appear. Now, the spectator focuses all his or her energy in calling Sara 3 times.

"Sara.... Sara...... Sara......"

Immediately, the pen eerily starts to move left and right, and eventually drop on the table.

Magician then returns the pen to the spectator. Spectator can examine everything and even take the deck home as a souvenir!

This experience will provoke an out-of-the world experience in the mind of your spectator as they are the one who made it possible!!!
No thread or elastics
No magnet
Everything can be examined
Everything can be borrowed
No switches required
Everything can be given away as a souvenir
Instant Reset
Can be performed surrounded
Can be done with other items like coin, pencil, poker chips, ring, etc...

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