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Product Name Rining by WENZIMAGIC
Item NO. 1138890
Weight 0.15 kg = 0.3307 lb = 5.2911 oz
Category Close-Up Magic > Others
Tag ring
Brand Wholesale
Creation Time 2020-03-18


Multiplying balls , Hopping Half, Cold Case, cup and bottle, Rubik's Dream...

If you know enough about the names of these very famous props, you will know what we're  going to talk about today: "Shell."

For a long time, when we want to turn a ball into four or make a coin into two pieces, we  have to use  the Shell - it is the most reasonable and  simplest tool to multiply so far.

Of course, the Shell can not only appear, but also can disappear, transfer, pass   through...
Since 1874 J.N.H ofzinfer invented the Shell, the magicians have played  unlimited imagination on it. You can find out that  most of the famous coin props use  the Shell even today.

Although Shell ,which is a strange to  ordinary people, originated from COINS, it has  gradually develops into more and more things in recent years.

This time, it extended to the ring.

With the efforts of the  WENZIMAGIC team, "Rining" has recently came true.It can be  understood as there is a ring in the ring.

There are five ordinary rings and four shells.

The ring version of Hopping Half, ring color changing, 1 ring turns into 3 rings, color  exchange...

- Highly polished Shell that is perfectly matched to a regular ring.

- Five rings and four shells, good choice for the performance.

- There are 2 colors, black and silver. It is very flexible and magical.

- You can achieve countless effects. For example, the ring color changing, the exchange  of the ring, and even the "jump coin" process of the ring version.

Full set of products includes:

*  1  black Shell  with  inner diameter of 21.2mm.

* 1 black Shell  with inner diameter 21mm.

*  1 silver Shell  with inner diameter of 21.2mm.

* 1 silver Shell with inner diameter 21mm.

* 1 black ordinary ring with inner diameter of 21.8mm.

* 2 silver ordinary rings withinnerl diameter of 21.8mm.

* 1 black ordinary ring with inner diameter of 21mm.

* 2 silver common rings  with  inner diameter of 21mm.

1 Black flannelette bag, fine packaging and teaching video are also included.

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