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* R2R by Sean Goodman

* R2R by Sean Goodman Item NO.: Y478

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  • A two-ring transposition effect using borrowed rings that is a Real World piece of close-up magic.
Product Name * R2R by Sean Goodman
Item NO. Y478
Weight 0.03 kg = 0.0661 lb = 1.0582 oz
Category Close-Up Magic > Others
Tag ring to ring
Brand Retail
Creation Time 2020-01-07

From the creative mind of Sean Goodman comes another "Real World" piece of close-up magic from his working repertoire.

R2R (Ring-to-Ring) is a two-ring transposition effect - two borrowed rings change places in the fairest and cleanest manner.


A finger ring is borrowed from a spectator. They are handed a small drawstring bag which is examined and found to be empty. The ring is placed inside, and they hold onto the bag.

A second ring from another spectator is also borrowed. This ring then changes into the first spectator's ring! The second ring is then tipped out of the drawstring bag.

A simple plot that draws gasps from onlookers. Magic with borrowed items is always strong, and R2R is no exception. Clean, simple, and direct. The emotional attachment of using finger rings will also leave your spectators remembering YOU and your magic for months and years to come.

Here are some key points about R2R:
Simple to perform
Instant reset
Angle proof
No clothing restrictions
Fully examinable
R2R can also be performed for solely one spectator - in this scenario, YOUR ring will transpose with THEIRS.

R2R comes complete with drawstring bag, gimmick and comprehensive online instructions covering both single and dual spectator performances.

R2R - a classic in the making...

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