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Product Name * QL Boxes
Item NO. 1827618
Weight 5.6 kg = 12.3459 lb = 197.5342 oz
Category Stage Magic > Mentalism
Brand Retail
Creation Time 2023-07-03


QL Boxes

Can two objects exist in two different places at the same time?

Three boxes with a red, green and blue marking are shown. The green box has a deck of cards inside, the blue box has a book inside, and the red box is empty. A card and a book page are selected and two participants hold the blue and green box behind their back, with the book and deck still inside the boxes. The magician covers the color of the red box and states “Whose box is this?”

He opens the box and the previously empty box, now contains the deck from the green box. A corner of the selected card is torn off and the box is closed. “Whose box is this?” He opens the box again and it now contains the book from the blue box. The selected page is ripped off from the book and the box is closed. He removes the cover from the color marking and sees the red marking. “Oh, it is my box, the one that has been empty all the time” The third time he opens the box it is empty.

The participants open their boxes. In the green box the selected card now misses a corner and in the blue box the selected page from the book has been torn off. The torn corner matches the selected card and the teared-out page fits perfectly in the book.

Size of the drawer: 19x25x7.8cm

Includes three special drawers and instructional video. Please supply three ordinary books by yourself.

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