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Puzzling Chocolate

Puzzling Chocolate Item NO.: 1070260

US$ 20.00

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Product Name Puzzling Chocolate
Item NO. 1070260
Weight 0.1 kg = 0.2205 lb = 3.5274 oz
Category Close-Up Magic > Others
Tag block , blocks , puzzle
Brand Wholesale
Creation Time 2019-10-31

Puzzling Chocolate

The famous puzzle magic has now evolved to Bar (shape) of Chocolate!

It’s entirely & totally mysterious.

Magician introduces a box and he shows inside. There is a square shaped puzzle, which is like a bar of chocolate, 7 x 10 square.

Now the outer frame is removed and the puzzle is dissolved. However, the magician instantly solves! Oh, something is strange.. One piece of chocolate bar is found and added to the puzzle… however, it becomes the same square (shape).. What’s going on??

Now magician found another piece of chocolate and it is added to the puzzle.. However, again, the puzzle became the same square (shape)! Is this actually what’s happening? Or dreaming??

Finally, he found 3rd piece of chocolate and it is added to the puzzle. Again! The puzzle became the same square shape. An addition, he places the outer frame to the chocolate bar that contains 3 additional pieces without any problem. It means the chocolate bar is the same size as original one??

Now ask the spectator to count the chocolate bar, it is still 7 x 10 square chocolate bar. Nothing changed from the beginning!!

In addition to this basic routine, of course, you can perform the reversing routine, with this mysterious puzzle, as shown in video (2nd half). (No doll is included). With another routine, you start a chocolate bar. Then eat (remove) 1 piece, another piece, then one more, totally 3 pieces are removed (eaten.). However the puzzle is still the same square (shape).

No technique is required. You will be addicted to this mysterious chocolate!

This puzzle is made of plastic.

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