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Psychic Lifting Balloon

Psychic Lifting Balloon Item NO.: 1939450

US$ 19.00
Manual Underarm Semi-Automatic Remote Control

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Product Name Psychic Lifting Balloon
Item NO. 1939450
Weight 0.2 kg = 0.4409 lb = 7.0548 oz
Category Stage Magic > Mentalism
Tag floating , float
Brand Wholesale
Creation Time 2024-05-06

Psychic Lifting Balloon

The magician can control the balloon to go up, down, or stop at will, just like taking a pet for a walk. The balloon rises and falls with the magician's movements, and the magician can even spread his hands.

We have improved the manufacturing process of this product and replaced some materials. It is extremely cost-effective, so people who were previously discouraged by the price can have this product now.

This product is suitable for parlors, short videos, street performances, and more.

Three versions are available:

1. Manual version
We have enriched the colors of the strings and used thickened 12-inch balloons and special balloon bases. The lifting gimmick is also made with new technology.

2. Underarm Semi-Automatic version
This is an enhanced version of the manual version. The magician can control the balloon even if he spreads his hands. The underarm version can be either manual or underarm controlled. It includes three two-meter-long strings and more balloons and bases.

3. Remote Control version
This is a brand new technology in 2024, and you will be amazed by its ingenious design. Its volume is only the size of a palm, with a total weight of only 168 grams. It is an industrial mold and uses a completely different principle. It can accurately remote control the height of the balloon's rise and fall, with a range of 3 to 5 meters, and is used with oversized 18-inch balloons.


Manual version Underarm Semi-Automatic version Remote Control version
2x Strings (1.5 meters)
2x Balloon bases
6x 12 inch balloons
1x Manual gimmick
3x Strings (2 meters)
4x Balloon bases
9x 12 inch balloons
2x Gimmicks (manual and underarm)
5x Strings (3 meters)
4x Balloon bases
6x 18 inch balloons
1x Remote control gimmick

1. You need to provide helium by yourself.
2. If possible, you can buy a bottle of balloon protection fluid (it can keep the helium in the balloon longer).
3. The remote control version requires two button batteries (3V, CR2016) and one rechargeable lithium battery (3.7V, 14500).

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