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Prophecy Scroll by J.C Magic

Prophecy Scroll by J.C Magic Item NO.: 1533884

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Product Name Prophecy Scroll by J.C Magic
Item NO. 1533884
Weight 0.13 kg = 0.2866 lb = 4.5856 oz
Category Close-Up Magic > Mentalism
Brand Wholesale
Creation Time 2021-11-23

Prophecy Scroll by J.C Magic

This is a prophecy magic prop that can accurately predict everything. Whether you perform this magic alone (any prediction of what the audience has said casually, or some simple personal information...), or open the scroll at the end of your magic show, predicting everything that happened today. For example, today I threw a ball down. The name of the audience who received the ball is Ella. She is 23 years old and is a Taurus. She likes blue, her lucky number is 7, and her chosen card is 2 of Hearts... It's a sensational effect.

Compared with other prophecy props, this Prophecy Scroll has many breakthrough advantages:

1. No assistant, and the audience is randomly selected.

2. No limit on the content of the prediction. Audience's name, phone number or preference, or something that happens during the performance.

3. The prop is small and exquisite. Easy to carry.

4. Easy to use. Perform without a lot of practice.

5. Not an electronic prop. Don't worry about the short service life.

6. You can write on the scroll with any pen. No restrictions.

With such a powerful prophecy prop, hurry up and get it!

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