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Prediction Blocks by J.C Magic

Prediction Blocks by J.C Magic Item NO.: ZZ047

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Product Name Prediction Blocks by J.C Magic
Item NO. ZZ047
Weight 0.09 kg = 0.1984 lb = 3.1747 oz
Category Close-Up Magic > Mentalism
Tag block , Building Blocks , cube
Brand Wholesale
Creation Time 2023-04-18

Prediction Blocks by J.C Magic

This is definitely a mentalism trick that you can't put it down.

The Shuffle-Bored was once all the rage, and the multiple predictions shocked the audience. But the paper on which the predictions are written is easy to lose or break.

Now this Prediction Blocks solves the problem. The prop is small and light, and easy to carry, and can be used with any ordinary deck anytime, anywhere! 

The special gimmick makes it more convenient to set. The cards and blocks can be handed over to the audience for inspection!

You borrow a deck of playing cards, and hand a prediction to the audience for safekeeping. You and a spectator each take half of the deck, which you shuffle and randomize, by taking packets of cards off, flipping them over, and shuffling. This process which is repeated more than once after trading halves each time. The result is a well mixed deck of random face-up and face-down cards, which the spectator can again shuffle. 

Yet when you produce a prediction, it turns out that you have predicted the exact state of the deck. 

The first prediction: chaotic (just a joke of course)

The second prediction: there are 23 cards face down. The spectator begins to count in doubt, and the cards facing down turn out to be 23 cards! But the cards were shuffled by themselves! Then you predict the exact number of red and black cards.

The third prediction: all spades and clubs (black cards) are numbered cards.

The fourth prediction: they are all even numbers. The spectator checks all black cards and finds a 7 of clubs, it is not even!

And you show the fifth prediction: you hold the 7 of clubs.

As a final twist, your prediction includes the fact that you knew a particular card would be an exception from the above!

The audience will be completely shocked.

This magic effect is simply amazing!

No need to touch the cards after the spectator shuffles the cards. The prediction is 100% successful. Everything can be checked.

Comes with Prediction Blocks and instructional video.

Available in English Version and Blank Version (you can write anything you want on it).

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