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Mighty Power Coin (Half Dollar) by Oliver Magic

Mighty Power Coin (Half Dollar) by Oliver Magic Item NO.: 1618116

US$ 29.40 ~ US$ 42.00
Quantity 1-5 6-11 12-23 24-47 ≥48
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Price US$ 42.00 US$ 37.80 US$ 35.70 US$ 33.60 US$ 29.40

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Product Name Mighty Power Coin (Half Dollar) by Oliver Magic
Item NO. 1618116
Weight 0.08 kg = 0.1764 lb = 2.8219 oz
Category Close-Up Magic > Coin & Money
Brand Wholesale
Creation Time 2022-06-04

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Mighty Power Coin (Half Dollar) by Oliver Magic

These coins have strong magnetism, even one hundred of cards between them.


Coin through the Glass
Three coins penetrate the glass one by one.

Coin through the Spectator's Hand
The spectator holds three coins in her closed hand. Without any suspicious moves, the magician extracts a coin through the closed fist. The spectator will no longer trust even their own sense of touch.

Knife Coin
Magician shows empty hands and a table-knife. He clenches his fist and shakes the knife, three coins appear. Then he clenches and opens again, all coins vanish.

Classic Movement
Magician grabs two coins from the air and places one in each hand. The coin in left hand moves into his right hand.

Coin through the Mug
Magician quickly knocks a coin against the bottom of a glass, and the coin penetrates to the inside of the glass.

Coins Transfer
Magician shows three coins in his left hand. These coins jump into his right hand one by one, and finally they all vanish.

Includes 2 strong magnetic half dollars and instructional video. Please supply 2 ordinary half dollars by yourself.

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