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Manipulation Wands - Yo Kato

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Product Name Manipulation Wands - Yo Kato
Item NO. 855917
Weight 0.52 kg = 1.1464 lb = 18.3425 oz
Category Stage Magic > Manipulation
Tag wand
Brand Wholesale
Creation Time 2019-03-22


It is not often that a FISM winner shares his material with the magic community. Well, you are all in for a one of the most exciting announcements of the year. Yo Kato, the 2009 FISM winner in manipulation has released some of his fabulous wand creations in magic. Not only is he releasing the secrets to his methods, but he is including the proper props to use for the tricks.

In addition Kenji Minemura the 2000 FISM winner in Manipulation offers you some additional material with these same wands.

Classic items for manipulation have been, playing cards, billiard balls, coins, cigarettes, and thimbles. Now you can add Magic Wands to your arsenal of props. Nothing on this DVD is beyond anyone's skill level. It is the props and handling that make the routines look so magical.

You will be surprised at the methods used and laugh at how easy it all is to be a wand manipulator. This magic has "POW" quality that will hold your audiences attention and say how skillful you are in your magic presentations.

Direct from his award winning act, Yo Kato offers 3 of his secret routines in wand manipulation:

1. - 3 Wands - his production methods for 3 red wands
2. - 3 Color Wands (1) - his fantastic Color Changing Wands and Production of 3 wands
3. - 3 Jumbo Wands (1) - his split production of 3 very long wands

Kanji Minemure offers his unique handling and methods for the same wands that are supplied:

1. - Easy Production - a 5 colored wand production from a silk
2. - 3 Color Wands (2) - a different approach to 3 wand production
3. - 3 Jumbo Wands (2) - again a different way to present magic with large wands

What is supplied:

1 DVD - this is a silent production shown to music. Each move is shown at least twice, and from different angles, right, left and over the shoulder. Really easy to learn every move properly and all the fine points are noted as well. This production video is studio quality viewing.
3 red plastic wands
4 different color plastic wands, black, blue, pink, and yellow
3 Jumbo black long plastic wands

Note: No silk is included with the kit.

The dimensional weight (shippment): 0.52kg
Actual weight of the product: 0.1kg

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