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Magic Elixir – Stage Size

Magic Elixir – Stage Size Item NO.: 1016610

US$ 219.00

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Product Name Magic Elixir – Stage Size
Item NO. 1016610
Weight 10.6 kg = 23.3690 lb = 373.9040 oz
Category Stage Magic > Others
Tag Magic Construction Block , Building Block , blocks
Brand Wholesale
Creation Time 2019-08-02

Magic Elixir – Stage Size


The performer shows 10 marbled blocks of wood. The pieces “when solved” form a rectangle, around which a wooden frame fits exactly. As the magi try’s to solve the puzzle, he explains how he was sold the puzzle plus some expensive magic elixir, which he was told was necessary for solving the puzzle. As he continues to talk, he actually solves the puzzle fairly quickly without the elixir! However a few seconds later the magician discovers a missing piece that he forgot about! So it’s back to the challenge again.

He adds the missing piece and starts anew and somehow, is STILL able to solve the puzzle – again without the elixir! But you guessed it – once again another missing piece is discovered – and the puzzle will not truly be solved until all the pieces are in play. After working feverishly the magi is finally successful and solves the puzzle for a third time after adding TWO additional pieces!

The real magic? The size is exactly the same as it was when he solved it without the two additional missing pieces? The wooden frame fits around it perfectly – as it did in all three stages! He did this all without having to purchase the expensive elixir – how was this possible? In order to find out – you’ll probably need a shot of that magical elixir.

Keep in mind that the Frame Outline fits perfecly over the puzzle in “each” stage of the effect!

Completes with Blocks of wood, frame, board, and instructional video.

Dimensional weight (shipment): 10.6kg
Actual weight of the product: 9.1kg

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