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MAGIKUB by Federico Poeymiro

MAGIKUB by Federico Poeymiro Item NO.: L216

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  • Solve a Rubik's Cube in one second, leaving your audience speechless.
Product Name MAGIKUB by Federico Poeymiro
Item NO. L216
Weight 0.12 kg = 0.2646 lb = 4.2329 oz
Category Close-Up Magic > Others
Tag magic cube
Brand Wholesale
Creation Time 2020-03-10

MAGIKUB by Federico Poeymiro

Do you think you have seen everything regarding a Rubik's Cube?

Could you imagine putting the pieces together in just one second?

With MAGIKUB, you can do exactly that - solve the puzzle in one second!! In the blink of an eye, each side is a different solid color! Impossible!

A great quality magical effect that will leave your audience speechless!

Federico Poeymiró has been studying this puzzle for years in order to create a revolutionary solving of Rubik's Cube.

Includes a tutorial video with all details and handling.

"There are two paths with the Rubik's Cube, the skill or the magic... this idea will lead you into the magic."

"There are things that seem impossible, the cube is one them. It's fantastic"

"One of the best visual effects. Amazing and smart magic."
- ADRIAN GUERRA (World Champion 1994)

"Magikub is a quick, fun and visual piece of magic using a popular prop. Audiences like the cube and are mystified by anyone who can solve it. Magikub will allow you to magically solve the cube with no learning curve and without spending months learning algorithms." -Magic Junkie, Reviewer

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