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M-BOX by Jimmy Fan (Half Dollar Size)

M-BOX by Jimmy Fan (Half Dollar Size) Item NO.: 1350165

US$ 13.93 ~ US$ 19.90
Quantity 1-5 6-11 12-23 24-47 ≥48
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Price US$ 19.90 US$ 17.91 US$ 16.92 US$ 15.92 US$ 13.93
① M-BOX ② M-BOX + 1 Half Dollar Shell ③ M-BOX + 4 Super Chinese Coins (Kangxi 31mm) + 1 Shell ④ M-BOX + 4 Walking Liberty Half Dollars + 1 Shell

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Product Name M-BOX by Jimmy Fan (Half Dollar Size)
Item NO. 1350165
Weight 0.14 kg = 0.3086 lb = 4.9384 oz
Category Close-Up Magic > Coin & Money
Tag m box , okito box
Brand Wholesale
Creation Time 2021-01-19

(If you select to buy the option ②, ③ or ④, you can also perform the coin routine in the following videos. Detailed explanation will be included.)

M-BOX by Jimmy Fan (Half Dollar Size)

Okito Box is a prop that many magicians know. But do you know how it was invented?

One day in 1911, when taking the stomach medicine box of his assistant, Okito happened to find that the size of the lid matched not only the top of the medicine box, but also the bottom of the medicine box, so he was inspired to invent the Okito Box. (From Modern Coin Magic) Everyone says that okito box was invented by "stomach".

Of course, this magical box has been changed in various versions later, including Slot Box, Boston Box, German Box, Sound Okito and so on.

Jimmy Fan optimized and upgraded the original size and appearance of the okito box. Everything is worth it. Although it took a long time to adjust and improve, the final effect is great. The box can be opened and closed easily, so you can clearly complete the routine with the most simple method. When performance ends, the box and coins can be examined by spectators.

· Made of brass, well-made and hand-polished
· Depth adjustment. Audience will not visually perceive how many coins in the box. 
· Used with half dollars or chinese coins (31mm)
· After playing for some time, the color of brass will be more thick and show a sense of history.

Available in 4 options, 
① M-BOX and video instruction 
② M-BOX, 1 half dollar shell and video instruction (please prepare your own 4 half dollars)
③ M-BOX, 4 Super Chinese Coins (Kangxi, 31mm), 1 shell and video instruction
④ M-BOX, 4 Walking Liberty Half Dollars, 1 shell and video instruction

Notice: You should prepare the ball that is made of tinfoil by yourself (Performer can make the ball himself: knead tinfoil paper to a ball or use other balls to instead of it).

If you want to buy the Morgan Size M-BOX, get it here

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