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* Lemon Candy Trick by Proma

* Lemon Candy Trick by Proma Item NO.: Y837

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Product Name * Lemon Candy Trick by Proma
Item NO. Y837
Weight 0.06 kg = 0.1323 lb = 2.1164 oz
Category Close-Up Magic > Others
Brand Retail
Creation Time 2023-11-15

Lemon Candy Trick by Proma

A never-before-seen phenomenon using familiar sweets! Three fun and mysterious magic tricks revealed at once! A gimmick creation kit is included, so if you have Hi-Lemon candy, you can start creating it right away.

① Hi-lemon grows and increases
When you pull a Hi-lemon candy that contains 6 pieces, it instantly stretches and becomes 8 pieces. If you wave your hand over it, it will return to its original size. You can immediately hand out the Hi-Lemon to the audience, but there is nothing suspicious about it. The Hi-lemon can be presented directly to the audience. Once created, a gimmick can be used repeatedly.

② Sign sticker penetrates the film
Paste the sticker signed by the audience on top of the film. If you are careful, the signature sticker will penetrate the film and stick directly to the candy. The audience is asked to push the candy out of the film, but the sticker definitely penetrates the film and sticks to the candy. It allows the audience to push themselves, which can make a big impact.

③ Replaced with Yoglet
Take out one Yoglet (white candy) and slap it on top of the Hi-lemon (yellow candy) sheet. Then, the yellow candy and white candy will be swapped. Depending on your idea, you can replace it with anything that can fit into the film, such as torn cards or folded messages.

Includes a gimmick creation kit, 40 red circle stickers and Japanese explanation DVD.

* This product is a collection (DVD) of magic works using Meiji Co., Ltd.'s "Hi Lemon" as the picture below.
* Creating a gimmick is required for acting. Please refrain from doing this if you are not comfortable with detailed work.
* Please prepare the Hi Lemon etc. necessary for the performance separately. (Basically, 1 sheet is consumed for 1 performance)

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