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Product Name * Knife Thru Coat
Item NO. 1443965
Weight 3.1 kg = 6.8343 lb = 109.3493 oz
Category Stage Magic > Others
Tag through , clothes
Brand Retail
Creation Time 2021-06-16


Knife Thru Coat

You might have seen or even performed "Knife Thru Coat" effect. How was it?

Easy to perform, very practical. Highly recommended!

Magician clips a piece of paper on the hanger.

Then the magician asks the spectator to borrow his/her coat and hang coat on the hanger.

The performer shows a knife. In the next moment, he stabs the coat with the knife!

What is he doing??? The knife went through the coat and the paper... No doubt...

Retrieve the knife from the paper and the coat, then the magician returns the coat to the spectator for examination.

The knife went through the coat and the paper in front of their eyes... the spectator must be very upset for the situation...

Now, the spectator starts inspecting their coat. Wait, Wait... The spectator seems to be surprised and happy. No slit, cut, or damaged on their coat! The knife magically penetrates through the coat!

The big feature is to use a coat hanger, so no assistance or volunteer is required to perform.

With other versions of "Knife thru Coat", it was kind of risky to use a volunteer to help the effect, because the volunteer may be able to see the secret from the back. Also it’s not easy to take your assistant to your every shows. The hanger allows you to hold the coat easily and naturally.

The knife can be examined before and even after.

Comes with all props you need (except for the coat) and online instructional video.

Volumetric weight (shipment): 3.1kg
Actual weight of the product: 0.53kg

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