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Jumbo Psychic Nut (Remote Control)

Jumbo Psychic Nut (Remote Control) Item NO.: EF1736301

US$ 95.20 ~ US$ 119.00
Quantity 1-2 3-5 6-11 ≥12
Discount 0% OFF 10% OFF 15% OFF 20% OFF
Price US$ 119.00 US$ 107.10 US$ 101.15 US$ 95.20
without batteries with batteries (1 Li-ion battery and 1 alkaline battery)

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Product Name Jumbo Psychic Nut (Remote Control)
Item NO. EF1736301
Weight 0.51 kg = 1.1244 lb = 17.9897 oz
Category Close-Up Magic > Mentalism
Tag bolt and nut
Brand Wholesale
Creation Time 2022-11-30

Jumbo Psychic Nut (Remote Control)

Magician introduces a jumbo bolt and a jumbo nut. Now he asks spectator to screw the nut onto the bolt and hold the bolt, then the magician sends his psychic power towards the bolt... The nut on the bolt visually starts spinning. Under the command of the magician the nut can spin up or down.

The bolt and the nut are completely examinable before and after performance.

No slight of hand needed. The bolt and nut do all the work for you.

- Remote control (no hands, more convenient and natural)
- Completely examinable before and after
- No angle restriction
- No need to reset

Comes with a jumbo bolt, a jumbo nut, a special remote, a battery charger and instructional video.

Please supply a Li-ion battery (10280, ≥180mAh, 3.7V, 10mm*28mm) like the picture below and an alkaline battery (23A 12V) by yourself.

If you couldn't find this battery in your country, you can buy it online, such as here, or choose our "with batteries" option (but the price will be higher because it needs to be shipped by battery route and the shipping cost is higher).



Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,
ich danke Ihnenfür die Lieferung meiner Ordner Nummer: 2023010399311733217 vom 2023-01-03.
Leider funktioniert die Schraube (EF1736301) nicht. (Inzwischen neu bestellt). Bitte teilen Sie mir das weitere Verfahren mit (Retourenschein?).
Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Gerhard Lohse

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