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* Heavy Cardboard Box

* Heavy Cardboard Box Item NO.: EF1111748

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Product Name * Heavy Cardboard Box
Item NO. EF1111748
Weight 24.52 kg = 54.0573 lb = 864.9175 oz
Category Stage Magic > Illusion
Tag light and heavy
Brand Retail
Creation Time 2019-12-25

Heavy Cardboard Box

THE MAGICIAN NEVER TOUCHES THE BOX DURING THE ROUTINE! The contents of the box can become heavy while the magician is nowhere even near the box or spectators, and always under his complete control.

2 DIFFERENT MECHANISM – Most other light heavy chests required you to find a super smooth, glass-like surface to perform on, which made it very impractical. With this supplied props, you can do this anywhere, in any environment.

THE PROPS ARE INNOCENT LOOKING! No giant, suspicious disc to lay on the floor and place the box on. Use a cardboard box, which can be viewed inside and out on all angles! There is nothing to see.

THIS IS HEAVY is very easy and stress free to operate, letting you focus on the important part of this classic illusion, the presentation.

EFFECT: The performer invites a spectators on stage to help in a demonstration of muscle hypnosis. Seating the spectator on a small wooden stool, the magician "hypnotizes" that spectator into believing that a small silk handkerchief weighs over 1,000 lbs.

An empty cardboard box is shown on all sides and placed on the wooden stool. A second spectator is now invited on stage and is asked to place the handkerchief in the box and then lift the box with its silk contents off the stool, which proves to be a simple feat. But when the hypnotized spectator attempts to lift the box, he can not! It is simply too heavy for him to even budge! The second spectator can even reach in the box themselves and remove the hanky, which then allows the box to become light enough for the hypnotized spectator to lift off the stool. But whenever the hanky is placed back into box, the hypnotized spectator can not lift the box one bit! This becomes a riot for kid show audiences as well as for adults.

If you have ever wanted to perform Jean Robert-Houdin’s Light Heavy Chest with ease, without worry, and with deceptiveness, the time is NOW – Heavy Cardboard Box!

You supply eight rechargeable Li-ion batteries (18650, 3.7V), diameter 18mm, length 67mm, like the below image.

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