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* Graviball by Artem Shchukin

* Graviball by Artem Shchukin Item NO.: 1804759

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Product Name * Graviball by Artem Shchukin
Item NO. 1804759
Weight 0.1 kg = 0.2205 lb = 3.5274 oz
Category Stage Magic > Levitation
Tag gravi ball
Brand Retail
Creation Time 2023-05-11

Graviball by Artem Shchukin

GraviBall - smart magic tool that allows to create illusion of flying ball like no other. 

- For solo performers
- No need set up on stage  
- Great for stage and parlour 
- Easy to perform 
- No electronics 
- Variety of effects and ideas 

"The possibilities offered by Artem Shchukin's Graviball are absolutely limitless. The unique mechanism inside the ball produces a floating ball like no other. Artem's imaginative videos prove that the variety of effects are limited only by your imagination. Elegantly conceived, beautifully made, this is a powerful tool for the thinking magician."

"Flexibility for stage props is an important factor. Especially in improving one's ability as a magician.

Props can stay as a symbol, but it would be better if it looks different to each magician's style. If the audience does not recognize it as a prop, even better. 

And that's what this Graviball is. 

As your magic evolves, you may expect a more elegant presentation with Graviball. At the same time, I believe that it will help your development. 

"Graviball reflects Artem's attention to detail in all he does. The unit is well made and Artem's ideas he shares for its use are unique and well thought through. Graviball will be a wonderful addition to any stage act."

"I have one, it's absolutely wonderful"

"Mike Caveney stole my quote..."

Includes white ball, thread and video instruction.

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