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Grandpa's Top Hat

Grandpa's Top Hat Item NO.: 1444425

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Product Name Grandpa's Top Hat
Item NO. 1444425
Weight 1.05 kg = 2.3149 lb = 37.0377 oz
Category Stage Magic > Transformation
Tag frame
Brand Wholesale
Creation Time 2021-06-17


Grandpa's Top Hat

The magician displays a framed picture of a magician's top hat. He explains that it belonged to his grandfather, who was also a magician, and offers to show how the magic hat was used.

The picture is passed behind the performer's back. When it is brought back into view, there is a rabbit in the hat. The picture is once more passed behind the performer's back, and now the hat is empty again.

The spectators are not impressed, as they are sure that the magician has simply turned the picture around to a rabbit-in-hat illustration on the other side. After some by-play, the picture is turned over to reveal another hat -- also empty!!

The magician insists that this is really a magic hat, which his grandfather used to produce more that just the standard rabbit. As proof, the picture is turned over again, this time a bouquet of flowers is seen in the hat. Another turnover reveals yet another result---for there is now a panda in the hat! The performer observes that perhaps this has strayed too far from tradition; again reversing the picture, the rabbit is once more seen in the hat.

Of course, it's all caused by the magic hat. The picture is turned over again, and now the hat is empty. The other side is shown, and that hat is also empty. So, perhaps it was all just an illusion...

We are sure you will get a lot of use out of this routine, which packs flat but plays big. The presentation allows ample opportunity for by-play with the spectators during the initial "sucker-gag" phase, then yields a surprising succession of pay-offs.

The Size: 9 inches x 12 inches (23cm x 30cm)

Comes with the product and video instruction.

Volumetric weight (shipment): 1.05kg
Actual weight of the product: 0.45kg

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