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Forcing Dice Set (4 Colors)

Forcing Dice Set (4 Colors) Item NO.: 1729621

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Product Name Forcing Dice Set (4 Colors)
Item NO. 1729621
Weight 0.06 kg = 0.1323 lb = 2.1164 oz
Category Close-Up Magic > Dice
Tag force
Brand Wholesale
Creation Time 2022-11-04

Forcing Dice Set (4 Colors)

This is a useful item to force a number with.

The set consists of 6 double-numbered dice, a normal die, a normal esp die and a blank die for you to DIY.

You can choose the number which you don't want to be picked by using these dice.

Example Routine 1:
Imagine a spectator numbering six envelopes one through six. They are instructed to place a fake bill in five of the envelopes and their own $100 bill into the sixth envelope and to seal them all. They then roll a die and if the number two comes up, then you or they destroy the envelope marked #2 by burning it or shredding it. This procedure is done until one envelope is left. Miraculously, their $100 bill is the lone survivor. They mark the envelopes. They place their bill inside. They roll the dice. They destroy the envelopes one by one if they wish. It seems to good to be true!

Example Routine 2:
There are 6 paper cups and a pin holder.The performer asks a volunteer to write the numbers 1-6 on each of the cups and to covers the pin holder with any cup. The other cups which have nothing under them are then put on the table. Of course, the performer doesn't watch any of this because his back is turned the whole time. After this is done, The performer now turns back towards the volunteer. Now the performer gives the volunteer the dice and asks them to shoot the dice. Now whatever the volunteer rolls, the equivalent of that number cup is removed, until there is only one cup left... Magically the final cup left will be have the pin holder under it.

These dice are 17mm square.

Good for Close-Up and Parlor magic.

**Instructions not included

Available in red, white, black and blue dice.

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