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Feel Your Heart by Hyde Ren

Feel Your Heart by Hyde Ren Item NO.: 1447046

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Product Name Feel Your Heart by Hyde Ren
Item NO. 1447046
Weight 0.04 kg = 0.0882 lb = 1.4110 oz
Category Close-Up Magic > Mentalism
Brand Wholesale
Creation Time 2021-06-21

Feel Your Heart by Hyde Ren

The magician shows a ring with the words "FEEL YOUR HEART" on it and tells the audience that in fact this ring is magical, and it hides the ultimate meaning of magic.

"Magic does not come from your thinking, but from your heart. Feel it and you will be able to gain magic power." The magician explains, then puts the ring on the spectator's finger.

The most important thing about "Feel Your Heart" is "Your", to feel your own heart.

The magician asks the spectator to cut a stack of cards at will and puts the top card on the spectator's ring finger.

Ask the spectator again, "Do you know which card on your finger?"

"I don't know."

"Yes, you know, feel it with your heart."

"Um... 5 of Clubs?"

"Perhaps, turn over and take a look."

The spectator turns over the card and finds it's not a 5 of Clubs, but a 7 of Hearts...

"I guessed wrong."

"Actually your heart has already told you the answer." The magician points to the ring on the spectator's finger and slowly rotates it...

"YOUR CARD IS 7❤" The words on the ring change miraculously.

"Oh, impossible..."

"This is the ultimate meaning of magic - Feel Your Heart"

I (the author) really like ring magic, ring jumping, crossing, ring and rope, ring suspension and so on. But for many years I could't find a suitable ring with appropriate shape and weight, and it is both meaningful and useful. So, I designed this "Feel Your Heart" ring.

- Height 8mm, weight 3.5g
- Hollow engraving "Feel Your Heart" around the ring, very light
- Easy to use, and the audience can see the words clearly

"FEEL YOUR HEART", more than just a ring, what you get is an impromptu and shocking routine, an experience of exploring the magic, a friend who can accompany you in your magic career. It is suitable for all the ring skills you have mastered.

Inner diameter of the ring is 18.9cm, circumference is 59.8cm.

Available in 2 types,

Standard Set includes:
- A ring with words "FEEL YOUR HEART"
- A ring with words "YOUR CARD IS 7❤"
- Instructional video

Deluxe Set includes:
- A ring with words "FEEL YOUR HEART"
- A ring with words "YOUR CARD IS 7❤"
- A ring with words "YOUR CARD IS 3❤"
- Gimmick for jumping ring effect
- Instructional video

Note: if you want to have the jumping ring effect as 0:55 in the trailer, you need to buy the deluxe set.

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