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Domino Prediction

Domino Prediction Item NO.: 1866468

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Product Name Domino Prediction
Item NO. 1866468
Weight 0.02 kg = 0.0441 lb = 0.7055 oz
Category Close-Up Magic > Mentalism
Tag spot , dot , dots , spots
Brand Wholesale
Creation Time 2023-08-29

Domino Prediction

A flat domino is removed from an envelope. The spots are magnetic and can be freely moved. The spectator is asked to move the spots and make any domino they like. NO FORCE, no wording, etc. They move the spots anyway they like.

Let's assume they make a 5-2 domino. You say you had a prediction made before they chose their domino. I will prove that magicians use mirrors for their tricks. You take out a mirror from the envelope and stand it in front of the domino saying look in the mirror and you will see my prediction.

This always gets a laugh. They are looking at a reflection of the 5-2 they made. Ok, but I did make a prediction. You turn over the mirror and on the other side PRINTED is a 5-2 domino.

Fits into your pocket, whatever they decide, your prediction matches! Comes with video instructions, easy to do.

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