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Dice Thru The Mirror

Dice Thru The Mirror Item NO.: 1280677

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Product Name Dice Thru The Mirror
Item NO. 1280677
Weight 0.16 kg = 0.3527 lb = 5.6438 oz
Category Close-Up Magic > Penetration
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Brand Wholesale
Creation Time 2020-10-07

Dice Thru The Mirror

This is a KILLER trick. 

Here is the effect: You display a black plastic folder. You next show a glass mirror and hand it out for examination. The mirror is attached permanently to a wide red ribbon. The mirror is placed inside the plasitic folder. Now....the folder has a small square hole on top just large enough to hold a regular size white gaming die. You can see the mirror through the hole. The die is placed on the mirror. A spectator is asked to hold the ribbon to PROVE that the mirror cannot be moved NOR CAN IT BE REMOVED from the plastic folder. NOW.....As your audience watches, the die slowly and VISIBLY sinks straight down through the solid glass mirror and falls to the floor! 

Mirror can be removed and examined again if desired. 

I have done this trick thousands of times and it is really terrific. 

The effect and working is smooth and clean and packs a magic whallop. 

Get this!

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