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Comedy Microphone Stand

Comedy Microphone Stand Item NO.: 848892

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Product Name Comedy Microphone Stand
Item NO. 848892
Weight 1.95 kg = 4.2990 lb = 68.7842 oz
Category Stage Magic > Comedy
Tag holder , mic
Brand Wholesale
Creation Time 2019-03-16

Comedy Microphone Stand

What a great gag this is for any magician who wants to throw in some visual comedy. You only have to watch the short trailer on the website to realize how commercial this is. I can definitely see family entertainers using this and getting some great reactions from the kids. Also, this is a great MC bit and perfect for the between act gag without having to do magic. This has a lot of potential and is very unique. I think a great gag would be for the magician to start playing a flute and the microphone acts like a snake.

The moment the performer steps up to the microphone, the shenanigans begin as the microphone stand becomes alive, almost snake like as it bobs, weaves, and sways uncontrollably! The sight of the stand's wild animations will surely create loads of laughter from your audience!

The microphone stand's movements are under the performer's complete control at all times. Supplied complete with the microphone stand, microphone, cord, and instructional DVD and everything fits into one nylon carry bags.

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