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Coin Penetrates The Can (Chinese CoCa Cola)

Coin Penetrates The Can (Chinese CoCa Cola) Item NO.: 1109639

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Product Name Coin Penetrates The Can (Chinese CoCa Cola)
Item NO. 1109639
Weight 0.3 kg = 0.6614 lb = 10.5822 oz
Category Close-Up Magic > Penetration
Tag through , penetrate , penetration , thru
Brand Wholesale
Creation Time 2019-12-19

Coin Penetrates The Can (Chinese CoCa Cola)

It is very easy to perform and no special skills are required.

It will bring great visual effect in front of spectator’s eyes.


Magician borrows a nickel (dime or penny) from the audience and ask him to sign on it.

Now the signed coin is placed on the palm and a coke can is introduced..

The magician shows his hands empty, nothing is left on his hands.

With magician’s magical gesture, the signed coin penetrates through the can --- the coin magically enters into the can.

The magician shows the can,to the audience's surprise,there is no opening or hidden slit (except for the opening on the top of the can) , it is a normal can !

Now the magician takes out the signed coin from the opening on the top of the can, the coin is safely returned to the audience.

- No technique.

- No reset.

- You can also place the signed coin on the spectator's hand, then the coin will penetrate through the can.

Note: There may be wear and tear on the surface of the can during delivery , but the can can be performed normally . 

Dimensional weight (shipment): 0.3kg
Actual weight of the product: 0.05kg

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