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CSI - Coffee Shop Illusion

CSI - Coffee Shop Illusion Item NO.: 693775

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Product Name CSI - Coffee Shop Illusion
Item NO. 693775
Weight 0.45 kg = 0.9921 lb = 15.8733 oz
Category Close-Up Magic > Mentalism
Brand Wholesale
Creation Time 2018-12-15


Prepare yourself for the cleanest, most unbelievable ring vanish ever
created. A solid metal ring, chained and padlocked will vanish before your eyes.

No sleights, totally impromptu and 100% self working.  Magic has never
been this incredible or this simple. CSI pushes the boundaries of magic
to a new level that has never been seen before.

The ring can be fully inspected, even worn as jewellery.  The padlock and chain are completely ungimmicked and the cup can be emptied in front of the spectator.  The ring can then be made to appear in another location of your choice.  It sounds too good to be true right? Miracles really do happen but just keep telling yourself,  it's just an illusion....
The CSI System contains everything you need to perform this ground-
breaking effect.  You'll also receive a DVD that covers all aspects of the CSI System
including performances and  detailed gimmick tutorials.


Q - Do I need to buy refill packs for the gimmick?
A - No, unless you lose it of course.  The rings will last you a
    lifetime if you look after them (they are metal after all!)

Q - Why so expensive?
A - The CSI rings are made from a metal that is twice as expensive
    as silver.

Q - Is CSI really 100% impromptu?
A - The 'Houdini's ring' type performance is 100% impromptu however
    the Starbucks cup routine uses a gimmick that is very easy to create
    that needs to be prepared beforehand.

Q - Do you use real coffee for CSI or is it some crazy chemical mix?
A - CSI uses normal black coffee, nothing more!

Q - Can CSI be performed more than once?
A - You'll be able to perform CSI twice, 2 rings = 2 performances.  The reset will
    need to be done at home before you can perform again.

Q - Can the coffee be drunk once CSI has been performed?
A - No!  Under no circumstances must the coffee be consumed after using CSI!
    Full safety guidelines are provided on the DVD.

Q - Is the metal toxic?
A - The metal, like most, is toxic if ingested.  I wouldn't advise putting
    any metal objects in your mouth and the CSI ring is no exception!

Q - Can I use other liquids for CSI?
A - Yes, as long as it's hot!

This is a great effect for any magical performer!

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