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BLOCK BUSTER by Tony D'Amico and Mark Mason

BLOCK BUSTER by Tony D'Amico and Mark Mason Item NO.: Y560

US$ 18.90

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Product Name BLOCK BUSTER by Tony D'Amico and Mark Mason
Item NO. Y560
Weight 0.05 kg = 0.1102 lb = 1.7637 oz
Category Close-Up Magic > Coin & Money
Brand Wholesale
Creation Time 2020-03-30

Tony's BLOCK BUSTER is GREAT. This hand built, custom gimmick, allows you to vanish and reproduce a regular coin only inches away from your spectator's eyes.

From any regular deck, any card is selected, signed and lost back into the deck. A coin is borrowed, and your spectator is asked to sign both sides of the coin.

The signed coin is placed onto the top of the deck. In a split second of visual magic, the COIN VANISHES.

Both hands are truly empty, the coin has gone. The deck is placed face up onto the table, and the spectator is asked to cut the deck.

They proceed to cut the deck, instantly revealing that their signed coin is sitting right on the top of their signed card!

This looks AMAZING. The spectator's reactions are fantastic. Yes, the vanish is magical and as clean as it gets. In addition, there is always something extra powerful when the spectator performs the miracle themselves.

You will be performing BLOCK BUSTER in minutes. On the video instructions, Mark takes you step by step through the entire handling.

You can use any coin, USA Quarter, UK 10P, Euro, Japanese Yen, Australian coins etc.

Easy to do.

Comes complete with the BLOCK BUSTER gimmick and instructional video.


Introduction by Tony
Set up

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