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Thank you for choosing China Magic , these shopping steps will help you know the details clearly .

 1. The first step: Ready to Register:We will offer you better service if you are our member .There is a "Register" word in the home page,then click it you can login in .


2. The second step: After the login you should fill some correlative information in the right place ,then check it carefully. You make sure there is no mistake , refer it. Login is over.


3.The third step: You should choose your favorites during the classified merchandise ,next you click it to choose.


4. The fourth step: After deciding to purchase one item,please hit "buy".If you just give an attention about our products,only hit the "add" button. please note, if you buy more than one  goods, you'd better add the items first, then go to "my account",  find them in "my order", then click 'buy' button individually. if don't do like that, you will find the last items put in the shopping cart, all the other orders disappear. 


5.The fifth step: Choose Next to enter your billing and shipping information. Choose Continue to continue shopping for more products or choose Clear Cart to empty your shopping cart.


6.The sixth step:  Next ,you should fill the details of consignee carefully,


7. The seventh step: Choose the means of deliver goods you like best .We can send it to you as you need


8. The eighth step: Choose your payment way, You have 2 means to choose ,Western Union Money Transfers  or  Bank Money Transfers.


9. The ninth step:. Please confirm the details of the order and the total amount for transaction. Choose Next to continue ,The formal order form is finished .


10. The tenth step: Waiting for our  order confirmation notice mail , If you receive an order confirmation e-mail, When you see the charge of your history order , you can make the payment , payment method at the following address: , After payment please inform us on time so that we can delivery the goods at first time .
Tell your order number to :


11.The eleventh step: We ship the goods to you after we received your payment. After shipment , we will give you the message to your order .Please view the message box , you just need wait for your favourite .


12.The twelve step: You get the product we send to you ,check it .If there is no mistake ,we make a good trade with you .All the trade steps is over.