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Superior Scotch and Soda (Double Locking,Walking Liberty Half Dollar) by Oliver Magic-Deluxe Set
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Superior Scotch and Soda (Double Locking,Walking Liberty Half Dollar) by Oliver Magic-Deluxe Set

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Superior Scotch and Soda (Double Locking, Mexican Coin & Walking Liberty Half Dollar) by Oliver Magic - Deluxe Set

The world's original "Superior Scotch and Soda Coins" (Upgraded Perfect Examinable Magnetic Scotch and Soda) has finally arrived!! Officially released by Oliver Magic in September 2020.

This is a super classic, practical coin magic prop that provides variable routines. It is highly recommended. It is also an indispensable classic coin prop for coin magic lovers.

Scotch and Soda has been invented for more than 50 years. According to incomplete statistics, there are about 60 various routines of Scotch and Soda. It is rare that a single prop has so many routines.

On the market, Scotch and Soda often has two types: manual squeeze and magnetic. These two types have their own advantages and disadvantages. After the performance of the manual type, the audience can check the coins, but the gimmick cannot be reset on site. The magnetic type has more routines and is easier to reset, but the disadvantage is that it cannot be fully checked by the audience, because the double-sided coin will rotate once the coin is pressed and pushed by hand. It cannot be completely locked by magnetism, so it cannot be handed over to the audience.

Based on the characteristics of the above two types of Scotch and Soda, we try to re-design and improve the prop. After half a year of improvement and test, we added ridges to avoid the rotation of the double-sided coin. In this way, this magnetic Scotch and Soda is finally improved to be examinable after performance.

We have selected several classic routines to show you. After these routines are performed, you do not need sleight to switch. All coins can be directly handed to the audience for complete inspection. 

Classic Set:
1. Move and Change (Prepare one small regular coin by yourself.)
2. Coin thru Glass
3. Vanishing Copper Coin (In addtion, prepare any three regular coins by youeself and then you can perform. It is extremely interactive.)
4. Hopping Coin

Deluxe Set additional:
1. Pass thru Transparent Bag
2. Pass thru Clothes
3. Perfect Coin thru Glass

Product Features:
1. The unique magnetic force and  double locking design can achieve perfect inspection.
2. Reset quickly. You do not need to manually tap the aluminum ring to open the gimmick coin.
3. Automatic closure of the gimmick coin. It can be completed in the hands of the audience. The effect is cleaner and the operation is more convenient.
4. Double locking gimmick coin and shell are closed perfectly.
5. Cost-effective, life style and can be performed without sleight.
6. Strong expandability. It can cooperate with a variety of props in performance.

Comes complete with:
1. A special expanded shell of Walking Liberty Half Dollar
2. A special double-sided coin (Mexican coin/Walking Liberty Half Dollar)
3. A copper replica Mexican coin
4. A strong magnet
5. A strong magnetic Mexican coin (Notice: This strong magnetic Mexican coin is not included in the classic set. This is the difference between classic set and deluxe set.)
6. Detailed online video instruction (Instructions of all routines in the classic set and deluxe set are included.)

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