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Slim Bill Tube (Brass)
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Slim Bill Tube (Brass)

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Slim Bill Tube (Brass)

This is a slimmer, sleeker, streamlined model of the prop. This tube eliminates the push on cap with hole and the locking pin and padlock. Instead there is a screw on cap with an extra long thread, which blends perfectly with the body of the tube, giving the closed tube the appearance of a solid brass rod. The extra long thread takes time to open, adding to the impact of the effect.

This handsome prop, precision machined from brass with a little care will last forever. Polish it occasionally, and handle it with care.

A bill or currency note is borrowed, and the spectator is asked to make a note of the number or sign it.

The bill is folded, and given to the spectator to hold, wrapped in a handkerchief.

The performer now produces from his pocket a solid brass tube and places it prominently on display. Then he whips away the handkerchief. The bill has vanished.

The spectator is asked to open the tube and finds a bill within the tube. He pulls it out and finds it is the same bill and can confirm this by his signature, and the serial numbers.

You can also make the signed bill or paper vanish in your hand and reappear in the tube.

The tube can be carefully examined. Very clever mechanical prop.

Comes with a tube, a handkerchief and video instruction.



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Total Rate:  Review Summary: 0 reviews Write a review
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