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Coin Squeeze by Oliver Magic
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Coin Squeeze by Oliver Magic

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Coin Squeeze by Oliver Magic

A high quality brass trick that you will be proud to perform for years to come!

Imagine- a visible penetration of four coins right through through solid brass!

Let your spectator assemble two brass rings and a solid brass block into one single tube. Four quarters are placed into the tube and are stopped from going all the way through by the piece of brass blocking the center. But at your command, the coins pass, one by one, through the solid brass and into the spectator's hand! Finally you can disassemble the tube to produce a gold ingot, a cube, a sponge ball or other small stuffs.

Surprising and very simple to do!

Inner diameter 2.7cm

Comes with the brass tube and video instruction. You supply your coins (most dia. less than 2.7cm) and those small production stuffs.



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